no, we will not give ourselves to them


A man saw an angry bear charging from the woods.

He fired his gun in the air twice to scare it away, but the bear was not afraid. It came on even faster.

As he tried to reload his gun to fire the third shot, the bear pounded on him. He was wounded, but he survived the attack.

A security camera captured the encounter, and almost everyone that watched the video asked him one question.

“Why did you not shoot directly at the bear when it was obvious the bear was all out to get you?”

If the bear lurked around from a distance, maybe the two warning shot would have made sense, but it was charging relentlessly!

He said he thought his warning shots in the air would be enough to make the bear turn away.

Then someone asked him, “did the bear show you that same mercy?” He said no.

That bear is like the many bad habits and ugly situations that relentlessly try to maul us physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.

If the power to save yourself is in your hands, don’t give yourself to them by hesitating to use it.




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