in this moment, there is joy and I take it all in

I saw a job ad online some time ago, and it was exactly the kind of role I wanted – it ticked all the boxes I had for my next job at the time.

I wanted to go on my balcony and shout yasss! into the void, but I had not even applied for the job yet, so I did not.

The next day I put in one of the tightest applications I have ever made.

I wanted to twirl in excitement, but I had not even been called for an interview yet, so I did not.

Some days later I was invited for an interview, I had it and it was good.

I wanted to order a baileys chocolate cake to celebrate, but I had not received feedback about the interview yet, so I did not.

Some weeks later they sent me an email, they apologised for the delay and promised to get back to me soon.

I wanted to shout for joy that I was still in the race, but I had not even been given an offer yet, so I did not.

But at some point, my heart couldn’t hold back all that happiness!

Right there, at that moment there was joy and so I chose to take it all in.

For that and for other joyful journeys – I should twirl,  I should order baileys chocolate cake and I should shout yasss! – even if I do not know what the final outcome will be or even if that joy will last forever.




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