I had that dream again, and I still don’t know what it means


One minute I was in bed watching a video on how the digestive system works, the next, I was in a dream laughing and gisting with xyz.

xyz is an acquaintance that I have not seen or been in contact with for over ten years, not even on social media, but here she was in my dream!

Some minutes after I was awake, I checked my phone, and guess what I saw –  a message from xyz!

So, around the time I was having a dream about her, she was sending me a message.

This is not the first time it’s happening. And, xyz is not the first person.

It has happened a number of times.

I would see someone in my dream and when I am awake, I will see something from them.

It is usually someone I have not seen, thought of or been in contact with for a long time, most times, people from my childhood.

Are these just random coincidences or is there a reason they happen? I really don’t know.



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