it did not fail, it ended – big difference!

There are many videos on Youtube with commentators analyzing why businesses failed. There is a lot to learn from failure so I watch them whenever I see one that interests me.

Youtube suggested one to me a few days ago and I decided to go for it.

Here is the story!

Two teenagers were playing around on the internet, and what they were doing for fun became a successful business.

After over a decade, the business started winding down.

The landscape of that particular industry had changed, and what they were offering was no longer in high demand.

Also, they are now adults and their interests have changed, they wanted to move on to other businesses, and they did.

In the years that the business existed, they built a massive and inspired following, they became millionaires,  and they made a path for other young people to build their own creative companies.

I really don’t think they should be on the list of failed businesses just because their business ended.

Yes, failure is the reason many businesses no longer exist.

But not all, some businesses end simply because they have served their time and fulfilled their purpose.

The same applies to many things in life – career, business, relationships etc – they can evolve or change course.

Because it didn’t last forever does not automatically mean it failed.

It may just mean it has served its time or purpose, and it is time to use the lessons and the experiences as raw materials to create new things…




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