i am swimming in the pool of miracles…


Some time ago, I got a glass bowl and packs of post-it notes in different colours.

Everyday, I wrote one thing I was grateful for on a post-it note, folded it into a perfect square and dropped it into the bowl.

Many days I did, some days I didn’t. No pressure.

One day, I needed more space on my chest of drawers, so I moved the bowl somewhere else, and over time, I thought less about it!

Yesterday, I was shopping online for a journal for the New Year and I saw a gratitude journal, it reminded me of my bowl.

I brought out my big gratitude bowl full of colourful notes!

Then I did something I have not done before – I opened all the notes and read them!

I was in awe remembering the stories behind many of the notes.

My heart burst open with gratitude for all the answered prayers and everyday miracles God has filled my life with!



Thank you for reading!

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