ain’t sure which one of these i am more afraid of

I reconnected with an old friend and we decided to catch up over dinner.

I was on a work trip to the city he lives, so I was really looking forward to having a great evening and seeing new parts of the city.

A few minutes into our dinner, he started talking with excitement about some other mutual friends!

He was sharing really sensitive information about their lives –  marital issues, financial struggles, misfortunes, etc

I know we all talk about other people,  but this was weird considering we have not been close for some years, so it wasn’t like we were “gist buddies”.

It was also really sad to know they all told him these things in confidence and thought their private matters were safe with him.

I got back to my hotel feeling really low and drained emotionally.

He has tried to stay in touch with me and know what is happening in my life, but I am just so afraid of rekindling that friendship.

I don’t know which one I am more afraid of – being a dumping ground for stories I don’t need to hear or becoming the story that gets dumped on other people.



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