i didn’t have a place with him, but i have a place in the world

Some years ago, I was one of the 20 people selected for the second edition of a residential writing workshop hosted by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

It was such a big deal at the time, so I felt quite lucky to be one of the finalists out of many applicants from Africa.

In the first week of the workshop, I had conversations with two acquaintances at different times and mentioned that I was in a writing workshop.

The first person didn’t share my excitement; he didn’t see why I should be interested in or have time for that kind of thing when there are bigger and more serious things in life to chase.

The second person, however, loved the idea and was super excited for me.

They both have backgrounds in IT/Tech, but the second one is a passionate follower of creative arts, while the first one has no appreciation for it.

I get this kind of mixed reaction to my writing too.

Some people read it and get it.

Some people read it, roll their eyes and give silly meanings to everything I write and share.

But one thing I have learned from people who boldly share their voices, thoughts and creativity with the world is  – you can’t have a place with everyone!

As long as what you do is not harmful to anyone or illegal, keep doing it for you and the people that get it.



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