this zombie apocalypse story will stay with me forever

I love post-apocalyptic shows. Movies, series, survivalists channels, anything about surviving an apocalypse – count me in!

Why? I like the thrill and the scare, and I am fascinated by how survivors navigate a dangerous new world in the absence of basic everyday necessities.

One of the stories that have stayed with me is from Season 6 of The Walking Dead, a zombie apocalyptic series.

It is about Alexandria, a small community of survivors. Their fence was weak and their security was porous but they were still standing even after many communities with stronger fortifications had fallen to a zombie invasion.

So, how exactly did they survive for so long?

Apparently, there was a quarry somewhere close to the community, and for some reason, thousands of zombies that would have attacked Alexandria were getting trapped in that quarry!

The people of Alexandria didn’t even know about it!

So, Alexandria survived for a long time, not because of anything they had done right or better than other survivors. It was because something somewhere worked in their favour without them even knowing!

Like many people in an apocalypse, they eventually had their share of turbulence, but unlike many, they have had a chance to live longer and better.


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