i took ten years off my age for a minute!

Some time ago, I was with some friends, and we were talking about our younger colleagues who were about ten years younger than we are.

One of us went on and on about how she wished she was still that young and all the things she would have done.

Later on, I was thinking about that discussion and I asked myself, but what can someone ten years younger do that we can’t?

If you are someone who is always thinking you are too old or it is too late, take 10 years off your age with me for a minute and think about it.

Apart from things that are totally beyond human control, if you subtract ten years from your age now, what are the things you wished you had achieved or started at that age that you can’t anymore?

Education? Marriage? Money? Skill/knowledge acquisition? Business/Career? Travel? Healthy Lifestyle? Beauty? Hobbies? Passion projects? etc

Yes, some may take a lot more effort, and for some, you may have to go for options and alternatives that are more suitable for your present phase of life.

But are they impossible to achieve?

Maybe the best time to do it was ten years ago, but the next best time is NOW (if you still want it)




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