The Night That Changed Many Things For Me

During the day, water poured on one side of my bed, so I had to move the bed to the centre of the room so I could clean it properly.

At night, I was too tired to move the bed back to its original position, so I slept on it right there.

In the morning, I woke up and jumped out of bed in panic. Why? I slept through the night!

Before this day, I had not slept through the night in a long time. I had difficulties falling and staying asleep, and would wake up multiple times during the night.

I had a list of expert advice on things to do for a good night’s sleep, but I was doing a lot of travel at work, so I struggled to stay committed to a routine.

On and off, I tried herbal teas, meditation, reducing screen time before bed, eating dinner early, exercising, and many other things.

So, how did something as simple as changing the position of the bed make me sleep through that night?

I don’t know exactly.

But, I guessed I was trying so hard to fix my mind and my body when what I really needed to do was pay attention to the seemingly little things around me.

Now, a lot has changed about my room, I sleep a lot better and my overall well-being has improved!


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Photo by Jonathan Borba / Unsplash

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