I Didn’t Want It To End, But I Needed It To

A few years ago my hair got irreparably damaged by relaxers so I had to shave it all off.

I knew starting all over to grow my natural hair without relaxers is the right thing to do, but I was still a little sad when I had to do the big chop.

I remember saying,  “this is it, so I am never going to have long hair again?”

I said this because I had been growing my hair since I was a teenager, and I thought I would probably be in my old age before it gets to that length again! lol!

I took my mind off it and I have just been doing my best to nurture and protect it. No pressure.

It has been four years since the last chop, and my hair has grown healthier…and longer than I expected!

Now, I chuckle every time I remember that I once thought the chop was the end of having long hair.

Today, I feel sad about a situation in my work that feels like a big chop, but I know it is an ending I needed.

So, I am telling myself “I will start again, I will nurture it right and give it time, and it will grow”



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