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Blogging gives you an opportunity to have your own secured corner on the world wide web –  where you can use your voice, build a tribe and change lives at your own pace, without the overwhelm of social media.

I have turned two of my passions into impactful personal and niche blogs, and I do this while maintaining and excelling at my day jobs.

I am launching this one-on-one session for women who are considering having a personal blog or want to know how to run their already existing blogs better.

My aim is to help as many women as I can to use blogging as an effective tool to fulfill their purpose and life calling.



Who Is This For?

Whether you already have a personal blog but want more guidance, or you are thinking of starting one but needs to hear from someone who has done it before, this training is for you if:

» You have expertise, knowledge, or passion in a particular field or on a particular topic and you want to share it with the world.

» You have a passion to inspire, enlighten or educate a specific group of people. e.g mothers, job seekers, survivors, business owners, etc

» You want to share your personal life experiences and journey to inspire or enlighten other people.

» You really want to have your personal space apart from social media. With a blog, you can document your knowledge and experiences without fear of losing your account, being limited by algorithms, or being hacked.

Even your grandchildren can get to read your blog one day!



Topics We Will Discuss

Using my personal experiences and the knowledge I have acquired over the years, I will be having a discussion with you on these frequently asked questions about blogging:

» Deciding if your blog is a ministry, hobby, or business

» Choosing a niche, finding your tribe, and using your voice

» Blog vs social media – why you need both

» Creating impactful content that keeps your tribe engaged and coming back

» How to get people to know about your blog and visit regularly

» Overcoming fears, beating overwhelm, and setting realistic goals

» Blogging effectively with your full-time job and other commitments

» How to make money from blogging (if you want to)

» Understanding the most important ”techy” stuff

» Building a mailing /subscription list that works

» Understanding your blog statistics, analytics, etc

» Questions you should ask your web designer




What’s Included

» One on one session (virtual)

» An audit of your blog (if you have one/when you have one)

» Direct access to me via email for questions and guidance after training



Next Steps

» Click here to pay N20,000

» After payment, we will agree on a date and time by email

» Contact if you have any issues




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