The Life Lessons We Will Never Learn Even After The Turbulence Of 2020

When tragedies happen, we are always so quick to remember that life is short, and we need to live a more intentional life. But when the shock and sadness of that tragedy fades, we return to the status quo and forget what we learned about the fragility of life.

Of course, some people live in the consciousness of these truths, but as a collective, these are some life lessons humankind finds so hard to learn.

We intuitively know these things, but they are sometimes too difficult to accept.

>> We don’t always have control over life; things can fall apart even with our best efforts.

>> No matter how genuine we pray or how hard we work, we will not always get what we want.

>> There is more to our lives than the material things we have or don’t have.

>> Things can be worse than they are at every given time.

>> The race is not always to the swift, and the battle is not always to the strong – factors beyond our control can play a part in how our lives turn out.

>> Things can change suddenly for better or for worse.

>> Our lives will not and can not all follow the same path. Life isn’t a one size fit all!

>> We are all going to die – you and everyone you know. And we don’t know when.

>> There are things money cannot buy.

>> Because you believe in God doesn’t mean you won’t experience pain and failure.

>> Because you have everything you want doesn’t mean you are more worthy than others.

>> We can’t change the past; we don’t know the future. The present is what we have.

>> Time will pass, whether we use it well or we don’t.

>> Everything we need to move from this point to the next already exists.

>> There is always something you can give.

>> Good things can happen to bad people. Bad things can happen to good people.

>> Love is the greatest gift of all.

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