Six Things You Should Be Praying For Right Now If You Believe In God


While you do all you can to make sure you are ready for life after COVID 19 and all the changes it will bring, here are a few things you can pray about if you believe in God.


Healing For Your Soul

We have not all been physically affected by the COVID-19, but the pandemic and lockdown have had an emotional and psychological toll on many of us.

We may look alright on the outside, but our souls are wounded with so many bad news, fear and anxiety, sudden disruptions to our plans and routines, uncertainty about what will happen next etc.

Please pray for inner healing and the courage to do the work and get the help you need to heal.


Replacement Of Things Lost

Time, money, opportunities, relationships, jobs etc. – many good things could have happened for you but did not because of the pandemic and its effects.

You may not be able to get the exact thing you have lost, but out of the abundance of the universe, you can still have something similar or even better.

Don’t be timid in your prayers; ask for more than you have lost.


Alignment With Opportunities

Does everything happen for a reason? I don’t know. But I know good things can come out of unpleasant situations.

This pandemic has been devastating, but the truth is, many great things will still be born this period.

It is a time of significant loss, but it will also be a time of great opportunities.

Say a prayer to be in alignment with great things that will happen at this time.


Birthing Of Gifts

The world needs many of us to rise and use our gifts right now.

If you have a gift, idea or talents that have been tugging for birth this season, don’t ignore it.  It may be God calling you to come and help to heal the world in your little way.

Say a prayer for clarity of purpose and courage to heed the call.


Living The Lessons

The lockdown has forced many of us to be reflective about life and learn how to be more humane, many of us have slowed down from the hustling and bustling to think about who we are and what we want in life.

But when the pandemic is over, are we still going to remember these lessons? Are we still going to apply them to life as we go forward?

Pray that the lessons you have learned will help you be better and do better in life.


Thriving Against All Odds

The way we live, work and interact has been dramatically affected by the pandemic. The world we will be stepping back into after the lockdown is not the same one we lived in before the epidemic.

There will be so many changes all happening at the same time, and we will have to be able to adapt and learn fast to keep up and stay relevant.

Pray that you will have all you need to be able to thrive in the world after the pandemic.


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