Little Reminders For Someone Who Is Feeling Low In These Uncertain Times


The first five months of 2020 have come with more low moments than highs for many people. The world is presently filled with so much uncertainty and fear because of the pandemic and its effects on our lives and livelihood.

If you are feeling low today, here are some reminders to help you hold on.

You are a survivor. Despite the devastating effects of the pandemic, you are still alive, and you have not given up on yourself. Give yourself some credit for holding on despite all.

This too shall pass. This pandemic will not last forever, it will pass. The spread will stop, and the deaths will cease, it will take time, but the world will recover, and so can you.

It is not your fault. The effects of the pandemic are totally out of your control. You can’t fix it no matter how you worry, self-blame, regret or fret. You can only do what is within your control while you wait for things to change.

You can still have more. If you have lost some opportunities, relationships or resources because of the pandemic, remember that it is not the end of you. You can still have much more than you have lost.

2020 is not the end. If you will not able to achieve all your 2020 goals because of the pandemic, don’t give up, achieving them next year, is still a success.

Something good can come out of it. You may never know why this happened, but you can use every hard lesson you have learned for good. You can become better and do better in life because of what you have experienced in these uncertain times.

You can do it again. It may not look like it right now, but you have what it takes to pull through. You have survived hard times before, you can do it again.


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