A Prayer For Someone Who Has Had A Turbulent Year

You entered the year full of hope and dreams

You had your plans laid out and your goals defined

You told God everything you wanted and you received it all by faith

You had your sleeves rolled up, you were ready to do the hard work

But the storms came and swept you off your path

And the whirlwind came to blow away some of the things you love the most

Then the darkness overwhelmed the light that burned inside you

You knocked so hard, but the doors did not open

You asked so many times, but you could not get what you needed

You searched everywhere, but you didn’t find what you were looking for

Month after month after month, you hoped for a breakthrough

You cried more than you laughed, you carried loss and grief in your broken heart

You were sad, you were afraid, you were frustrated, you were confused

You wondered if you will ever rise from the rubbles of your shattered dreams

You wondered if you will ever make it out of this dark night of your soul

Here is my prayer for you;

This year has not come to stay, it will not last forever

This year will go away with all its troubles and darkness

When it is all done and gone, you will still be here standing tall

You will be here, evolved and unravelled into your true greatness

You will be here, soaring, thriving, and shining for the world to see

You will be here to welcome a new year and to receive the love, healing, connection, overflow, ease, abundance, success, health, great joy and peace, it brings for you.


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  1. REPLY

    Olufunke Ademabayoje says

    As it is, I’m in deep sadness. I’m even crying as I type this, but I’ll keep trusting God for better days

  2. REPLY

    Adebanjo Adesewa Lydia says

    I did. Very turbulent but my God is faithful and living

  3. REPLY

    Laura Imolegah Babalola says

    Laura Imolegah Babalola Ope loma jasi Las las… it will all end in praise!

  4. REPLY

    Adebanjo Adesewa Lydia says

    I did. Very turbulent but my God is faithful and living

  5. REPLY

    Ihunanya Chidinma says

    I receive light for my dream & vision that has been put to hold for over a year in Jesus name!! Amen.. My family & loved ones will leap for Joy..

  6. REPLY

    Yemi Ade Esther says

    Thanks so much , looking ahead for better days

  7. REPLY

    Aisha Dauda Ali says

    Thank you.
    Looking forward to better days.

  8. REPLY

    Esther John says

    Thank you so much

  9. REPLY

    Ochuba Chika says

    I received ijn Amen

  10. REPLY

    Funmilola Abiodun Ola Fadero says

    Thank you

  11. REPLY

    Tee Odunayo says

    Hoping and Praying for a greater 2020

  12. REPLY

    Esther Uche says

    Sometimes I ask myself, if it’s gonna be better.
    It’s been a tough, disappointment and heartbreak 2019.
    I’m Soo bitter, sad and depressed. Keeping everything to myself.

  13. REPLY

    Modupe Ahmed A says

    It.was a very hard year for me but it’s ending well more than I imagined …

  14. REPLY

    Nene Dichi says

    Thanks so much.

  15. REPLY

    Jewel Chinelo Ekinadoese Nosa-Igiebor says

    I pray and hope for a better 2020

  16. REPLY

    Stella Ebere says

    So lovely

  17. REPLY

    Duchess Lilian Udeagbala says

    Thanks a lot…..this helped alot…….

  18. REPLY

    Olusola Oletubo says

    I need a tight hug now, 2019 has been hmmmm, it is well

  19. REPLY

    Chi Euphemia O says

    2020 will be better than 2019… Cheers

  20. REPLY

    Mercy Mark Akpan says

    I pray for a greater 2020

  21. REPLY

    Mercy Mark Akpan says

    I pray for a greater 2020

  22. REPLY

    Adeniji Aduragbemi says

    I pray for a victorious 2020

  23. REPLY

    Henry Aodu says

    Food for thought.

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