25 Little Things I Want To Do Before I Clock 40


We all expect to have reached some milestones by certain ages – have educational qualifications, build a career, get married, have children, start a business, own properties, make loads of money, follow passions etc. Like many people, I have spent my twenties and thirties chasing these things. Some I have achieved, others I have not achieved yet.

To The 20-Something Who Is Depressed Because Things Are Not Working For Her Yet

They said you have been depressed; they think you have given up on life. You told them you don’t think God loves you like He loves others. When people ask you why you are so depressed, you say it is because your friends are moving forward in life but you are still at home after your NYSC, doing nothing.

I told them I will encourage you and tell you not to give up, that good things will come your way too. But, they said they have already told you that and you don’t want to hear it. So I thought, I should tell you something else then, some brutal truths about life that you probably have not been prepared for;

How I Stay Content In Spite Of My Life Circumstances

This post was first published on Woman.NG 

For most of my adult life, I have not been contented. I wanted many things to be different, I wanted to be in another place, and I wanted more than I always had. I am not wrong to desire and pursue the bigger, better and brighter things of life, but I have not done myself much good by allowing that desire to overcome me and blind me to the beauty of the many good things I already have.

I Have Got A Heart As Loud As Lions, So Why Let My Voice Be Tamed?

This post was first published on Woman.NG 

One of my favorite songs of all times is Emeli Sande’s Read All About It. In the year I fell in love with this song, every evening after work I put it on auto replay while I drowned the noise of the world in a warm bath. There I could listen to my own inner voice, untamed, unafraid, and unashamed. There I could be the one who is not stuck in silence afraid of saying something wrong.