What You Should Do While Working And Waiting For Your Financial Breakthrough

This year I have met many young people who are in financial difficulties; they are working hard and trying their best to get better life opportunities. They are not complacent, they not irresponsible, they are not folding their arms waiting for something to happen, but things just aren’t adding up for them yet. They are so weary and tired of not having enough to meet their needs, and not being able to achieve their bigger dreams.

It May Not Look Like It But Only Good Things Are Going To Happen Here Today…

Their plan was to be childless, it seemed they had talked about it before they got married and they were both cool with it. One day, while they were watching a football game, he told her he wanted children…….. Some weeks before, while I was stuck in bed recovering from a major surgery (I am going to write about this in my next post), I had presented my list of ‘whys’ to God, I was not praying about them, I was just asking “WHY?”

Hard Times Come Again No More!

April 1, 2015 I shouldn’t be in here tonight, I should be out there having fun and being grateful for all the many blessings life has given me in the past one year, but like every other birthdays, I like my nights quiet. Tonight I take a pause from my successes; I am counting my many tears and listening to my fears. All my fears.