With family, I am a generally laid back, go with the flow and enjoy a good laugh kind of person.

In the workplace I give all or nothing, I build, I make things happen, and I keep my eyes on the prize always.

My most authentic self is deep and mysterious. I am an INFJ




 I have spent the past six years leading the operations of a British HEI in Nigeria. Before then I held positions in Project Management and Business Administration at other organizations. I have an MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University and have a few other certifications.




Here, I write about some of the things I am most passionate about. Drawing from my own life experiences I write about emotional wellness, living an authentic life and finding purpose in life’s pain.

I created Woman.NG which is Nigeria’s first blog for women. I lead a team of young women to write, aggregate and curate inspiring, informative, and entertaining content for women, across multiple digital platforms. Our work helps Nigerian women to know better, do better and be better.

Dear Young Naija Woman
Things I wish I knew, things I am glad I know, and things I am still learning – I share all these with young women through the newly launched Dear Young Naija Woman. Let’s just say it is my little life audit project, a letter to my younger self.

Grief Listening
I listen to people going through grief and need someone to talk to. I listen as they share their memories, regrets and pains. I listen as they unburden and try to find healing – no judgements, no prejudices, no preaching, just life-giving soul to soul conversations.

Christie’s Purse
Christie’s Purse is in memory of my mother, Christiana Iyabo Adu who died in 2017 from the complications of Parkinson’s disease, aged 63. I give a certain percentage of my annual income to women in impoverished communities to start sustainable micro businesses. I also teach them lessons from how my mother built a thriving small business.


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