In The End, This Is The One Thing That Will Truly Matter

I just saw an interview Cecily Tyson had on CBS Morning Show before she passed on. They asked her, “what do you want us to remember about you” and she said “I did my best, that is all”

I think at the end of our journey in life, this is one of the things that will matter most. I think life is about doing the best with what you have.

Like in the parable of the talents, you are not being asked to multiply 5, when all you have been given is 3. You are only being asked to multiply the 3 you have been given.

Also, the reward for your diligence is not based on how many you have; it is simply based on if you used what you have been given. So the person who had 5 and turned it to 10, will get the same reward as the person who had 1 and turned it to 2.

Family backgrounds, life experiences, personalities, pains, etc. – these can be gifts, and they can also be some of the things God uses to prepare us for the gifts and the capacities we need to use them.

How He chooses who gets what? I do not know.

What determines who gets 5 and who gets 1? I am not sure we will ever fully understand.

But at the end of it all, it is not about how many we get, it is about what we do with what we have!

It is hard to accept this because we are used to judging everyone on how many they have without considering how many they have been given.

No matter how hard the person who has 1 work, they may never multiply it to 10, because they don’t have the ability to do that. Humans will judge them for that, but God will not, because he already knows they only have the capacity to turn 1 to 2, and that is all He requires from them.

Meanwhile, while we praise the person who has 5 for turning it to 8, God expects them to do more because they have been given more.

If you have all it takes to develop 5 innovations that will change the world, and you only developed 3, the world will celebrate you forever, but the truth is, you have not done your best.

What am I trying to say? Use to the highest degree possible the gift, talents, opportunities, skills, knowledge and capacity that God has given you.

Resist the urge to constantly compare yourself to other people, or to feel inadequate because your life is not like other people’s lives. Focus on all the things you have and do your best with what you have.

Also resist the urge to think you have more because you are better at life than other people! You have them because they have been given to you for a purpose.

Like Oprah says,…fulfilling the highest, truest expression of yourself as a human being. That’s why you’re here”



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