These Beliefs Will Help You Get More Out Of Life In 2021

For some of us, the many challenges, losses and failures we have seen around us or even in our lives in 2020, have put some dent on our faith.

We are grateful to be alive and in good health, but as much as we want to have a positive attitude going into next year, a part of us is still afraid of what it may hold. After all, we had high hopes for 2020 too!

Here are a few random thoughts to help you declutter your consciousness from the toxicity of 2020 and embrace 2021 with love instead of fear.


1. Because you failed at some of the things you attempted this year, doesn’t mean you will fail at everything you will ever try. Don’t let the fear of failure be the only reason you hold back from going all out in 2021.


2. You can be grateful and still want more. Yes, you are alive despite all that has happened in 2020, that is a huge win and be grateful for it. But don’t feel guilty for wanting more wins. The fact that you are alive is even a reason why you should keep striving to achieve your goals.


3.  Don’t stop having faith because God has not “answered” many people this year. Seeing so many good and prayerful people suffer or die this year has made many people question if God still hears us. If you still believe in God, go into 2021 remembering all the times he has heard you, and have faith that it can happen again.


4. No matter what happens in 2021, there are millions of people that will thrive and flourish. There are millions of people that will get life-changing opportunities. You can be one of them, be receptive to miracles and abundance.




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