No Matter What Happens, I Hope You Are Able To Forgive Yourself For These

You are human and not perfect. You are sure to make mistakes and poor choices at some point in your life, but they don’t have to define you forever or stop you from the other great things you can still achieve in life.

If you could see the future, you probably would have done some things differently, but you didn’t know. If you had the power to go back and change things, you will, but you don’t have that power!

You can take the lesson if there is any and move forward with it, you can make amends if it is still possible, but don’t stay stuck in the past that you have no power to change.

Permit yourself to receive the beautiful gift of self-forgiveness for the things you think you have done to hurt yourself or other people over the years.

Now that you know better, you can do better. And that is okay. You can be okay.

Below are some of the most common things we hold against ourselves.

Forgive yourself…

>> For trusting and believing in someone that did not deserve it.

>> For the time you wasted on things that didn’t matter.

>> For the poor choices you made that have had adverse effects on your life.

>> For not listening to good advice that could have made your life better.

>> For staying in a relationship or situation when you should have left.

>> For leaving a relationship or situation when you should have stayed.

>> For allowing someone to mistreat you when you could have stood up for yourself.

>> For the hurtful things you said and did to other people when you did not know better.

>> For taking an opportunity for granted when you should have maximized it.

>> For not working hard enough at something you wanted.

>> For blaming yourself for what was never your fault.

>> For allowing other people’s words, opinions and actions weigh you down and slow you down.

>> For not listening to the still small voice of your intuition.





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