This Is To Remind You That You Are A Child Of Grace Too

It is so easy to look at people celebrating their big wins on social media with the hashtag #childofgrace and think God’s grace is only for some special people, but the truth is, if you are here living and breathing, grace is yours too.

Do you remember when you found the strength to forgive someone who hurt you? That was grace.

Do you remember that song you stumbled on that helped you heal from a broken heart? That was grace.

Do you remember that stranger that helped you when you were stranded? That was grace.

Do you remember when you escaped what could have been a fatal injury? That was grace.

Do you remember that solution you got to a problem you have been battling with? That was grace.

Do you remember the pain in your body that suddenly disappeared? That was grace.

Do you remember when you got that opportunity you applied for even when you had given up? That was grace.

Do you remember when you got a piece of information that changed your life for better? That was grace.

Do you remember that time your needs were met in ways you did not even expect? That was grace.

Do you remember that thing you thought was going to destroy you made you stronger? That was grace.

You know that thing you are so gifted at doing better than other people? That is grace.

Even going out and coming home to lay your head down at the end of this day is grace.

If you look closely at your life, you will see that there have been many times like these that you received special assistance or guidance beyond your efforts and knowledge. They were not based on how good you are, or how much sacrifice you have made, they were unearned favour given to you freely, sometimes before you even asked.

God’s grace is for us all, how and when it shows up for each person may differ but it is not only for some special people.

Wake up every day in the consciousness of and in gratitude for the grace that is available to you.

Let go of doubts, let go of fear, let go of comparisons, open up your heart and embrace God’s ever-present grace.

Be courageous to live, dream and pursue opportunities. Ask, seek and knock, knowing that there is a power higher than you able to watch out for you, make way for you and send help your way.

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  1. REPLY

    adaora says

    thank you, I’m encouraged to keep living knowing that God is able.

    • REPLY

      Grace says

      Thank you for the message. It was timely.

  2. REPLY

    Nkechinyere Nwaegbe says

    Very inspiring. A lot of people need to hear this and cultivate the attitude of gratitude for the grace around them which they don’t even know about, or consider as grave. Well done, sis.

  3. REPLY

    Tolulope Babajide says

    Thank you. I really needed to hear that. The grace of God has been shared abroad and we are recipients of His awesome mercy.

  4. REPLY

    Akhigbe Mercy says

    Very inspiring,Thank you Should.

  5. REPLY

    Moromoke says

    Thank you so much. Am really blessed with this timely message on grace.

    • REPLY

      Esther Ibe says

      Very inspiring..thanks for d piece…I’m a testifier to God’s abundant grace…He’s always on tym…

  6. REPLY

    Tonia says

    Thanks love. God bless you

  7. REPLY

    Oreoluwa says

    Was wondering if i would ever get a mail of new articles since i joined the mailing list, but this came right on time. thanks for the reminder that i’m full of GRACE. Halleluyah

  8. REPLY

    Anthonia says

    This is really timely..
    I can relate with everything you described as made become more aware of GOD’S GRACE that is at work in my life

  9. REPLY

    Ruth Richard says

    God bless you real good

  10. REPLY

    Taye Jacob says

    Thank you so very much for your inspirational writes up. It always keep me greener and with full better hope for each day. Thanks

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