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I am no stranger to pain. I understand what it is to question everything you once thought you knew. I know what it feels like to watch your dream shatter into tiny little pieces.

I have experienced rock bottom – it was dark, it was sad, and I thought there was never going to be a way out. So if you are reading this and you feel burdened by the pain of loss, failure, disappointment, or unfulfillment, I get it. I know how that feels.

I have been there but I didn’t stay there.

I beat the pain, pressures, and uncertainties. I faced my worst fears, I conquered ugly demons and I broke free from everything that held me down.

I am here to show you how to break free too.

I have weaved my knowledge and experience into deeply transformative lessons to help you make a lasting change and transform your life.


These lessons are for you if;

♥ You are trying to make sense of a loss of a relationship, job, money, business, opportunity, time, marriage, etc

♥ You are always wondering if your life would have been better if you had done some things differently.

♥ You sometimes doubt if the grace everyone talks about is available for you too.

♥ You find it hard to forgive yourself for some poor choices you made in the past.

♥ You don’t know when to let go and when to keep fighting.

♥ You tried and failed, and now you are tired and afraid to try again.

♥ You leaped in faith, but instead of soaring, you crashed.

♥ You think you are too old and it is too late to achieve your dreams.

♥ You think you have squandered your first chance and will not get another one.

♥ You are disappointed that you have fallen short of the dreams you had for your life.

♥ You have deep resentment or anger towards someone in your life who caused your situation.

♥ You have hit rock bottom, and you don’t know how to get up again.

♥ You have done all the right things but still haven’t gotten the life you want

♥ You wonder why God has not given you more than what you have in life.

♥ You are struggling to put in the work required to move forward.


What will happen after;

♥ You will find clarity in place of confusion and chaos.

♥ You will find soothing for your aching soul.

♥ You will start a journey from being broken to being healed.

♥ You will find the courage to let go of the pain and embrace the present and future.

♥ You will be relieved of some heaviness you carry in your heart.

♥ You will feel awakened to a life full of possibilities.

♥ You will feel energized to pursue your vision and purpose.

♥ You will let go of mindsets that no longer serve you.

♥ You will break free from the things preventing your positive change.

♥  You will take control of your life and watch your dreams manifest



Style: Each lesson is easy to read, straight to the point, beautiful simple layout with soothing images.

Voice: As real as if I am having a soul to soul conversation with a BFF over a nice cup of coffee, not the generic how-to lists you will find on google. It is written with lots of love and thoughtfulness.

Price: FREE


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About Shola Okubote

♥  I am a writer, emotional wellness educator, and a Positive Psychology enthusiast. I use the power of words to help people thrive despite their life’s pains, pressures, and uncertainties.

♥   I have written and curated hundreds of free articles and social media posts and reached millions of people through my blogs – Woman.NG and Sholaokubote.com. I have helped thousands of people know better, do better, and be better.

♥  I have a gift for helping people find emotional clarity.

Read more about me here



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My name is Shola Okubote, I am the Founder of Woman.ng You can reach me on shola@woman.ng Twitter – @sholaokubote, and Instagram – sholaokubote

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