25 Little Things I Want To Do Before I Clock 40


We all expect to have reached some milestones by certain ages – have educational qualifications, build a career, get married, have children, start a business, own properties, make loads of money, follow passions etc. Like many people, I have spent my twenties and thirties chasing these things. Some I have achieved, others I have not achieved yet.

I turned a year older last week, and I thought, in addition to all these “milestones”, what are the simple little things I want to do before I turn 40?

I have spent the past six years especially buried so deeply in work, but now I think it is time to exhale and do some of the things I have always wanted to try.

I don’t have so much time left till 40, so I am just going to keep it simple and realistic. It will be all about slowing down to enjoy the moment and challenging myself to do new fun things.

I will be sharing my progress on Instagram; every time I complete one of the things on my list I will share a photo and story about it on Instagram. If you will like to go on this journey with me, please follow me on Instagram @sholaokubote


See A Therapist

Okay, this one is long overdue! I think it will be great to have a professional listen to me as I offload my thoughts and emotions and help me get some mental clarity. This is something I want to start before 40 and maybe continue to go into my 40s.

Call Or Meet Up With An Old Friend

I will like to reconnect with a friend I have not seen in many years. Have a chat, recall old memories and have a nice laugh.

Write A Love Letter To My Father

I talk more and write about more about my mum, and it just occurred to me that with all the love, respect and admiration I hold for my father, I have never really written anything about him. This man is an angel, a rare breed, one of his kind and I want him to know how much I love him and why.

Do A Full Face Makeup By Myself

After watching so many makeup videos on Youtube, I still have never done a complete face makeup without professional help.  I am putting this on the list to make sure I get this right even if it is just once before I turn 40. Contouring, eyelashes, highlighting… the whole damn thing!

Finish A Colouring Book

I got an adult colouring book some time ago but I never got past the first page. I want to colour this to the end and see what magic I can really create if I put my mind to it.

Write Ebook About Woman.NG

Some years ago I created Nigeria’s first online magazine for women, before this, there were print magazines with informational websites but there was never a full-blown website exclusively for women. Many people have asked me why and how I did it especially as I have run it alongside full-time jobs. I want to write about my journey so far.

Get A Tattoo

I love tiny tattoos but I don’t have any.  I will start with a tiny love tattoo on my wrist – for my late mum.

Play Lottery

Okay, so once in a while I fantasize about winning a lottery and think about all the things I can do with the money! What if there is a chance that I could win one? I will never know until I play!

Host Someone To A Three Course Meal Prepared By Me

I am nervous about hosting people and I am very impatient with cooking, so I am going to give myself a pat on the back when I complete this one.

Write A Letter To My Sixty Year Old Self

This is the scariest thing on my list, just reading out the word ‘sixty’ freaks me out, but I am going to do this!

Decide What To Do With My Hair

I don’t like weaves, I don’t like wigs. I have been able to minimize my use of them for many years because I had a long relaxed hair, unfortunately, my hair got badly damaged two years ago and I had to shave it all off. Now I have a natural unrelaxed hair and I don’t know if I want to keep it growing or just keep having a low cut. Anyway, I just want to sort my hair before I clock 40.

Bake Cakes

I love cake, but I have never made one! I am going to be baking a few types of cakes all by myself! Red velvet cake is top on the list.

Write An Article About All The Major Life Lessons I Have Learned

So many lessons have been learnt in almost 40 years, but I want to write about the ones that have had the most significant impact on my life.

Take More Photos

I can go months without a single photo. I want to break whatever it is that prevents me from taking photos by taking at least 40 photos before I turn 40. Selfies, professional shots… whatever, just take photos and capture memories!

Watch The Most Popular Videos On Youtube

So I want to watch the videos with the most views on YouTube. Maybe the top 40?  I have no particular reason for doing this, I guess I am just thinking if millions of people have seen them, why haven’t I?

Read A Few Of The Best-Selling Novels Of All Time

I read non-fiction from time to time, but I have not slowed down in years to pick up a fiction and get lost it it. I plan to read like 5 of these before I turn 40.

Splurge On A Candle Collection

I have a few random candles here and there, but I have been wanting to have a collection of really special candles for a long time and it is definitely something I will be splurging on before I turn 40.

Grow A Herb From Seed And Watch It Grow Throughout Its Lifecycle

I am not sure which herb I will be going for yet, but I really want to be committed to nurturing a plant, especially one with so many super qualities.

Do Something Good For Someone Who Doesn’t Know Who I Am

I want to do something really nice for someone anonymously. The person will see the gift but will not know the giver.

Start A  Project In Memory Of My Mother

I am already in the process of doing this but I hope to have implemented it before my 40th birthday.

Adopt The Minimalist Lifestyle

I have been following the minimalism movement for a while. I love the simplicity, the sanity and the contentment it brings. I think it is time to finally adopt the lifestyle!

Join A Yoga Class

I started doing yoga on my own some time ago, but I stopped before I could master it. I think joining a group of other yogis will help me learn better and stay motivated.

Learn More About Another Religion

I am a Christian who has been curious about some religions for some time. I want to take some time to have a better understanding of at least one other religion. What do they believe? Why do they believe?  How are they different from people of other beliefs? I want to know.


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April 25, 2019

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  1. REPLY

    Irene Ugbah says

    Hi Shola,
    I can feel through this article. Thank you for sharing. I will be turning 40 in a bit am sure earlier than you. Literally its like the excitement is overwhelming me though at the beginning of the year I was having this “kini” big deal mentality as in what have I achieved etc. Thank God for close friends that made me snap out from that mood. So I am super excited and also writing the final chapters of my book I started some seven years ago-my 40 life lessons @40.
    Keep being you.
    Irene Ugbah

    • REPLY

      Shola Okubote says

      Thanks for your warm comments and happy 40th in advance! Congratulations on the book, I will really love to learn from your life lessons, please let me know when I get it. Thank you.

  2. REPLY

    Adeyinka Olufemi Ifedapo says

    Your write ups are simply inspiring, bringing awesome light and enthusiasm into the dullest of days. I owe myself a duty of reading all that comes from ur blog…..for obvious reasons: they’re so educative and time-relevant. I look forward to reading something about ‘how to emotionally manage memories of life’s aspirations that never came through’- from your own perspective.

    • REPLY

      Shola Okubote says

      Thank you so much for your warm comments about my posts, I am glad you like them. I actually have a few things to say about the topic you suggested, I may write a post about it soon!

  3. REPLY

    [comment from facebook] Opara Francisca says

    This just reminded of my journey so far in life and I would like to do something like this.

  4. REPLY

    [comment from facebook] Okori Josephine Ochuole says

    I would like to write about the life lessons I’ve learnt. This one touched me.

  5. REPLY

    [comment from facebook] Wealthy Efe says

    Dreams and aspirations are the reason we don’t up on life. Knowing that one day 90% of the goals we have set for ourselves will be executed. #hope

  6. REPLY

    [comment from facebook] DJ-Irawo Drummer says

    I am forty-one.

    I changed my talents into my career before I was forty.

  7. REPLY

    [comment from facebook] Nina-Sylva Mma Stephen says

    Quite captivating.

  8. REPLY

    [comment from facebook] Aromona Olukemi Makinde says

    I believe that fate will always take it place no matter what.Destiny can not be erased.Every body has a story to tell.

  9. REPLY

    Dorkas Jhosef says

    This has to do with time chance and destiny, sometimes things happen not the way we want but the way God have destined it from the beginning

  10. REPLY

    Eno says

    Hello Shola,this is a very insightful writeup. On your list are a few things i will like to do myself like bake cake and host a 3 course meal prepared by me.

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