One Of These Things Is Holding You Back From Honouring Your Life’s True Callings

If you are alive, you have a contribution to make to this world; you have an essential reason for being here. It is a divine assignment given to you so you can bring some light and healing to the world. It is God’s gift to the world sent through you; your job is to deliver it.

Many people are doing all they can to live their best lives, but there is still a nagging feeling deep inside, they know there is more to their lives beyond the regular day to day hustle. Your calling is the meaning you are looking for. If you want to have real success in life, fulfilling your calling is a step you have to take.

My post today is for people who know they have a calling(s) but have not been paying attention to it because of one or more of these reasons.


You Think You Don’t Have What It Takes

You already have what you need to start – Yes, your failures, your background, your personality, your education, your talents, all your pleasant and unpleasant life experiences. Look deep into all these, and you will see that what you need to start fulfilling your calling has already been given to you.


You Think Your Calling Is Not So Important

No calling is superior to the other; they all have a part to play. Don’t think what you have been called to do is not significant enough. The person whose calling is to pastor a church is not more important than the woman whose calling is to raise children or the man whose divine assignment is to treat sick animals. Ultimately, it is not about who has been given more responsibilities; it is about who carries out the responsibility they have been assigned.


You Think It Has To Be “Big”

Many people have not been paying attention to their calling even though it is staring them right in the face, and this is because they think it has to be one big thing. Some people’s calling will be to break new grounds and do something that will stand for centuries, but for others, it may be an action that will only impact a few people. It doesn’t matter how “big” or “small,” we think they are, what matters most is that you do your assignment.


You Think It Must Make You Rich

Not everyone’s calling will make them rich and famous. For some people, it will, but for others, it will not. Remember, your calling is not about fame or riches; it is about what you do to bring light and healing to the world.


You Think You Can’t Fulfill Your Calling Through Your Job

It does not always have to be different from what you already do. It can be right where you are, your career or business can be a channel through which you fulfill your calling.


You Think You Have To Quit Your Job

If your calling is entirely different from your job, you don’t necessarily have to quit your job to pursue it. Sometimes your source of income will come from your job, but you will fulfill your life’s purpose through what you do outside your job. Some people may have to quit their job for their calling, but not everyone.


You Think Money Is The Proof That You Are Fulfilling Your Calling

Some people don’t live in mansions or drive the most expensive cars, yet they are fulfilling their life’s calling, and some people are rich but not living meaningful lives. Having lots of money and stuff is not always proof that you are fulfilling your calling.


You Think It Will Be Easy

Because it is a divine assignment that doesn’t mean it will be easy. Because it is something you feel equipped to do and love to do doesn’t mean you will not encounter challenges or feel like giving up on it sometimes. You have to learn, grow, sharpen your skills to be able to fulfill your calling.


You Think It Is A One Way Traffic

Your calling can have different expressions, and it can also evolve as you move through life. When God leads you in another path, be ready to go.


You Think You Are Too Old

As long as you are alive and well, there will always be something you can do to make your contribution to the world. My Uncle is in his 70s, and he just started a school for less privileged children in our hometown, for children who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get an education.


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    Gilbert Lois says

    Dear shola, am inspired by your write up on fulfilling your calling, especially as a lady. I think we have something in common in regards to this write up. Please let’s keep in touch.

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      Shola Okubote says

      Thanks very much for your warm comment, I will be happy to keep in touch!

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    Jennifer says

    This is a major phase in my life that I am presently trying to overcome. I am good at a lot of things especially when I put my mind to it. But the problem is that I haven’t been able to ascertain which of them will give me the fulfillment I seek so I can focus on it. Your write up is very helpful but I wish you could still put me through further. Thanks a lot!

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      Shola Okubote says

      Thank you for reading and sharing your story, I will be happy to discuss further.

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    Oluwaranti says

    Thanks Shola for this write up, am going through alot trying to figure out between settling down to fulfil my life’s purpose and hustling to have a stable financial life.

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      Shola Okubote says

      Thank you for reading and sharing your story, yes, its a lot to figure out, I pray you find the clarity and guidance you need to make the right decisions. I am rooting for you!

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    Frances says

    Wow, everything in this post resonates deep with me. Our callings are different with different expressions. The point is use what you have,bloom where you have been planted. Thanks a lot Shola and well done !

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