How To Live A Fearless, Unpressured & Authentic Life While Waiting To Have A Child (Guide)


I know how it feels to want a child and not have one yet, but I also know how to live a joyful, fearless, unpressured and authentic life in spite of the delay.

Trying to have a child can be extremely difficult on your physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and even financial well-being, and the toll can leave you sucked into a whirlpool of fear, confusion and sadness.

While we don’t have control over how and when the circumstances will change, we can control how we live while we wait.

I have written this guide to help women who are finding it difficult to overcome the fear within and the pressure without, while they wait to have a child. I hope that by sharing some of the practices I have found useful in my journey, I can provide support for others.

It is a short, straight-to-the-point guide, written as honestly and real as if I am having a conversation with you over a nice cup of coffee – no judgments, no prejudices, no preaching, just life-giving soul to soul conversation.

I wish you all the best in your journey, and I hope this helps make it a little better.




Title: How To Live A Fearless, Unpressured & Authentic Life While Waiting To Have A Child

Writing Style: Straight to the point, easy to read, friendly tone.

Number Of Pages: 11

Reading Time: 30 mins – 1 hour

Format: Electronic (PDF)

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