I Have Got A Heart As Loud As Lions, So Why Let My Voice Be Tamed?

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One of my favorite songs of all times is Emeli Sande’s Read All About It. In the year I fell in love with this song, every evening after work I put it on auto replay while I drowned the noise of the world in a warm bath. There I could listen to my own inner voice, untamed, unafraid, and unashamed. There I could be the one who is not stuck in silence afraid of saying something wrong.

But when the water turns cold, and it is time to pull the sink stopper and press the stop button, I get back to reality where the price of being different was too high for me to pay. To have a dream, to pursue that dream, to make that dream come true against all odds, to fall and to rise and still keep striving for success, takes boldness.

It has been a few years since then and slowly but steadily I am raising my voice and speaking my truths. I am finding my paths and embracing the beauty of my own authenticity. On this journey, I have been a student of the life journeys of many women – the amazing women in my family, women in my workplace and the very many women, whose stories I read and share on Woman.NG every day.

Of the ones who slayed and the ones who got slain, of the ones who walk through life heads up and the ones who crawl with fingers fastened on the patched hard soil, of the ones who started early and bloomed early, and the ones who started early but bloomed late, of the ones living their dreams and the ones who will never get the happiness they truly deserve. Of every woman who has dared to be bold to do what they believe in, in spite of the many limitations that surround them every day.

I fall, I fail, I falter, but I am no longer afraid. I cry, I sweat, I bleed, but I am now bold to make the changes I want in my life and in my world.

I wish you a Happy International Women’s Day. May you find your own voice and be bold enough to own it!


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