Hard Times Come Again No More!

April 1, 2015

I shouldn’t be in here tonight, I should be out there having fun and being grateful for all the many blessings life has given me in the past one year, but like every other birthdays, I like my nights quiet.

Tonight I take a pause from my successes; I am counting my many tears and listening to my fears. All my fears.

I have seen hard times – knocking till knuckles bleed on closed doors, starting early yet thriving so late, betrayal by people I thought were friends, carrying the pains of unfulfilled dreams and a broken body – yet for all the things that have made me sad, there are many Nigerian women who would say “what hard times?”

Women who are torn and worn from never rewarding yet never ending labor, women who fall and rise and fall and rise again and women who have repeatedly been victims of the failures of this country but still believe in change.

To these women and all Woman.NG readers, may this new month be the beginning of the change you seek and may your hard times come again no more.

This was one of my favorite songs in March and will continue to be my prayer for Nigeria.

Hard Times Come Again No More – Performed by Lennon and Maisy


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    Edith says

    Congrats Dear…More Blessings ahead!!!

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