Till The End Of Times, Mum, Till The End Of Times

Thank you for loving us fiercely without conditions. It didn’t matter what we did or didn’t do, it didn’t matter what we have or didn’t have, you loved us all the same.

Thank you for sacrificing your life for us. Waking up so early and sleeping so late, working all round the clock, night and day you risked your life so that we can have a life.

Thank you for giving us your ALL. Life didn’t give you everything, but you greatly multiplied the little you were given and made it more than enough for us.

Thank you for making a way for us. You prayed, you labored, and you shattered many barriers and fought many battles, so that our paths in life can be easier than yours.

Thank you for being our friend. Never judging, never demanding but always praying, trusting and believing that God’s light will shine on us and we will find our ways out of every pain life brought our way.

Thank you for being our greatest inspiration. You lived life on your own terms to the best of your ability, you made a mark everywhere you went and you gave more than you received.

No matter how long you lived, we could have never been able to repay you for all your goodness. We will love you till the end of times.


If the world gives it, it will be trifling, neither here or there. If the world gives it, it will be fleeting and never lasting long.

If the world gives it, it will ask for a price we can never pay in return.

But God gives it not as the world does – His peace surpasses all human understanding. His peace is Eternal.

For underneath all our pains and all our joys, are His everlasting arms and He is our eternal refuge.

Go well Mummy.

December 2017

Jealous Of The Angels By Donna Taggart

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